Premier Tax Procedure

PREMIER TAX PROCEDURE gathers together the experience and most qualified knowledge of tax, procedural and administrative law to offer taxpayers the best defence of’ their rights and interests with the highest chance of success and efficiency in all kinds of procedures, appeals or litigations involving tax authorities.

Our courts’ constant cancellations of settlements, penalties or other types of administrative acts with economic consequences clearly show that Tax Authorities are not always right and very often their settlements are not in accordance with law, whether it is due to matters of substance or form.



Thanks to PREMIER TAX PROCEDURE, our clients receive specific advice on matters related to tax procedure, meaning they can:

Minimise contingencies that could derive from any tax inspections and verifications to which they may be subjected.
Cancel or reduce tax payments levied by tax authorities, as well as any penalties that could have been imposed on them.
Achieve significant suspensions or deferrals and instalment payments of their tax debts, thus enabling them to manage their cash flow pressures with greater ease.

PREMIER TAX PROCEDURE extends this specific service to all taxpayers, large, medium or small, both legal entities and individuals, given that this specialised service is necessary in all cases, regardless of the amount of the possible contingency, the settlement or penalty to be disputed, or the tax debt that needs to be deferred.