We represent taxpayers in tax inspections, advising them about the documentation they are obliged to submit and non-compulsory documents. We keep them permanently informed of the development of the inspection and the possible risks that could derive from it, always protecting our clients’ rights and guarantees.



Appeals and Claims

We provide legal advice and we assume the legal direction in administrative appeals, economic-administrative claims and actions brought before an administrative court, the High Courts of Justice of the Autonomous Communities and the National Court of Spain, in relation to all kinds of tax, both direct and indirect, customs, duties, parafiscal charges, community restitutions on exports, etc.

We assume the legal assistance and direction in different extraordinary appeals related to tax matters. Thus, among other actions, we defend taxpayers’ interests in appeals before High Courts of Justice and cassation appeals before the Supreme Court; in appeals for legal protection and unconstitutionality issues before the Constitutional Court; before the Court of Justice of European Communities in matters related to preliminary proceedings, as well as before the European Court of Human Rights.


Tax Collection

We represent our clients before tax authorities to manage deferrals/ instalment payments of tax debts.

We advise our clients and defend them before tax collection bodies in executive proceedings for the collection of tax debt payments. Our services include the defence of transfers of responsibility before company directors, due to business successions, commission of offences and against partners as a result of winding up a company; opposition to collection proceedings, seizures of property and administrative auctions; advice and negotiation in unique agreements with tax authorities and the Social Security in insolvency proceedings for suspension of payments or bankruptcy.

Tax Refunds

We offer advice on recovering tax paid unduly to tax authorities, including:

  • The refund of capital gains tax in the event of selling property a making a los, or in cases when the value of the land has not increased.
  • Local property tax (IBI), the reduction of the assessed value of property.    
  • Challenge procedure in relation to the tax on the value of electricity generation (IVPEE).  
  • Tax on inheritance and donations of non-residents.
  • Refund of personal income tax (IRPF) paid from the maternity benefit. 
  • Refund of the tax on inheritance of non-residents.