We are experts in consultancy on Events of Exceptional Public Interest (AEIP), providing service to organizers and both donor and sponsor companies, i.e. legal and tax counselling as well as commercial management for fundraising.

What is an Event of Exceptional Public Interest?

Events of Exceptional Public Interest, in accordance with Article 27 of Law 49/2002 of December 23rd, on the tax regime of non-profit entities and tax incentives for sponsorship, are a model of public-private partnership that enables the implementation of important projects by involving the companies in the funding, promotion and disclosure process.

The realization of a specially relevant event can be declared an Event of Exceptional Public Interest by the Government of Spain, through its approval in the General State Budget. Thus, provided that ad hoc requirements are met , the donor companies will be entitled to apply the tax benefits in accordance with Article 27 of the aforementioned law.

These tax benefits imply the application of a Corporate Tax deduction to the donor company, up to 90% of the amount donated, taking into account the advertising investment made with the logo of the event in question.

AEIP Benefits Services

We offer the following professional services: technical, legal and tax consultancy, fundraising, and sponsorship management.

Paso 1

Technical, legal and tax consultancy

for submission of projects to be declared as Events of Exceptional Public Interest by the Government of Spain, through the General State Budget.

Paso 2

Commercial, tax and legal consultancy with regard to the target companies:

    • Generation of commercial framework and proposals with added value: fundraising.
    • Consultancy for donor or sponsor companies on the operation and application of the tax benefits in accordance with the Law 49/2002.
    • Deal shaping: closing negotiations with the companies through the requested legal documents.
    • Comprehensive backup in terms of the effective application of tax benefits: certificate request; revision and submission of the requested documentation to the AEIP Inter-administrative Commission; verification and validation of the company’s advertising media in accordance with AIEP Brand Guidelines (Manual de Marca del AEIP).
    • Contract implementation and follow-up in the field of the Event: sponsorship activation and management; reports of return on the investments made; renewal of the agreements.
    • Communication and marketing: implementation and management of the agreements; definition of communication strategies, and implementation of proposals for brand activation.

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Elisabeth Ruiz

Elisabeth Ruiz 

Lawyer. Bachelor of Law from the University of Barcelona, Spain, where she took the Doctorate program in the Department of Economics and International Law, specializing in Brands and Marketing.

Her professional career has been linked to the departments of Marketing, Communication, Sponsorship, Institutional Relations and Tax.

She has worked for Toyota Motor Europe and KPMG, and has managed large client accounts for investment projects with both multinational and local companies, counselling Foundations mainly on brand, marketing, communication, institutional relations and tax services: Events of Exceptional Public Interest.

Elisabeth Ruiz is a specialist in the development and commercialization of sport, cultural, social and technological real estate, providing not only strategic and commercial view, but also legal and tax counselling on tax incentives reflected on the Events of Exceptional Public Interest.