Our team

The firm was founded by Jaime Rodríguez Pérez, a tax lawyer with proven experience, who has worked as the head of departments of tax procedure and litigation for firms such as Cuatrecasas, PwC and BDO. His specialisation in tax procedure commenced while he was at Guio Abogados, an office based in Madrid that was pioneer in providing specific advice on tax litigation matters.

Jaime Rodríguez is an associate lecturer in ‘company taxation’ of the public economics section of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Barcelona. He also gives training and specialised courses on tax procedure at the Asociación Española de Asesores Fiscales (Spanish Association of Tax Advisors, AEDAF) and in different educational centres. He is an active member of the Bar Association of Barcelona.

Rubén Rúa Prieto. Senior associate in the Vigo office. He is a law graduate and holds a double Master’s Degree in Access to Advocacy and Tax Advice (MAAB & MUAF) from the Universidad de Navarra. He started his career in the Tax Litigation Departments at EY Abogados and Cuatrecasas. His professional experience has enabled him to work in tax inspections for listed companies and on the development of resources for administrative litigation before the High Court of Justice, the National Court of Spain and the Supreme Court of Spain.

He specialises in local tax and obtaining fiscal savings derived from reducing the assessed value of property and urban planning modifications. He has given lectures in forums on urban development and real estate tax, on new ways to obtain fiscal savings.

David Martos. Collaborator.

An economist with extensive experience in substantive tax law and in the defence of taxpayers’ rights and guarantees before tax authorities.

He is also an associate lecturer in ‘company taxation’ of the public economics section of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Barcelona.

Elisabeth Ruiz holds a Licentiate Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona, where she also completed her doctoral programme in the Department of Economy and International Law. She is an active member of the Bar Association of Barcelona.
Her professional career has been linked to the legal, tax, relationships with public authorities, communication and marketing departments. She has worked for large companies such as Toyota Motor Europe and KPMG in Spain, managing key accounts of multinational companies, providing tax and legal services.

In recent years she has worked for companies as a specialist in innovation and digital transformation projects related to tax benefits, which imply significant tax deductions.

Equipo Premier Tax Rocio

Rocío Ibáñez is an economist and head of the VAT Return Department. She is specialised in tax and finance law, and she has 15 years’ experience in VAT returns of NON-residents, in both Europe and Non-EU member countries.

Rocío holds a Licentiate Degree in Economy from the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, (Perú) and her studies have been officially recognised in Spain. She also has a Master’s Degree in Tax law from the University of Barcelona and a Master’s Degree in Finance from ESADE. She is a member of the Ilustre Colegio de Economistas (Economic Society) of Barcelona.

Equipo Premier Tax Silvia

Silvia Rodríguez Borrajo.

She is a Law Graduate and holds a Master’s Degree in Access to Advocacy from the University of Vigo. She started her career in the Local Tax Department at Premier Tax Procedure. She specialises in local tax and fiscal savings derived from reducing the assessed value of property.

Silvia has participated in the tax optimisation on the following properties: Plaza Castilla Transport Interchange, Príncipe Pío Transport Interchange, Port of Algeciras, Ciudad del Automóvil (Polygon Motor City), Ponte Vella Shopping Centre, Hospital HM Delfos, etc.

Jose Garcia Ladron de Guevara - Experto en derecho tributario y procesal, defendiendo los derechos e intereses de los contribuyentes con Premier Tax Procedure

José García Ladrón de Guevara. Collaborator.

Lawyer and tax advisor. Member of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM) and the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors (AEDAF). Master’s degree in taxation from Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF) and Expert Degree in International Taxation from ESADE.

Equipo Premier Tax Silvia

J. Raúl Fernández. Collaborator.

He is a lawyer specialised in procedural law, with extensive experience in litigation with the different tax authorities.

We are a growth-oriented firm and, furthermore, we have a solid collaborative network with different firms, advisory services and financial consultants that require our services, which we rely on to provide our clients with the best service.